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AaronKimberlee  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Kimberlee Aaron [Profile] for Kimberlee Aaron
AdamskiMiles  -  Teacher 2101
[Email] for Miles Adamski [Profile] for Miles Adamski
AguilarElizabeth  -  Secretary
[Email] for Elizabeth Aguilar [Profile] for Elizabeth Aguilar
AlbaJocelyne  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Jocelyne Alba [Profile] for Jocelyne Alba
AltShari  -  Teacher 7740
[Email] for Shari Alt [Profile] for Shari Alt
AltobelliSarah  -  Social Worker 7735
[Email] for Sarah Altobelli [Profile] for Sarah Altobelli
AndrewsSusan  -  Teacher
[Email] for Susan Andrews [Profile] for Susan Andrews
AnlikerCharlotte  -  Teacher
[Email] for Charlotte Anliker [Profile] for Charlotte Anliker
AnlikerKarl  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Karl Anliker [Profile] for Karl Anliker
AquilinaMaryann  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Maryann Aquilina [Profile] for Maryann Aquilina
AwadallaFatma  -  Substitute
[Email] for Fatma Awadalla [Profile] for Fatma Awadalla
AwkalHoda  -  Nurse
[Email] for Hoda Awkal [Profile] for Hoda Awkal
BaetzelBeth  -  Student Teacher
[Email] for Beth Baetzel [Profile] for Beth Baetzel
BaginskiCaroline  -  Speech Language Pathologist
[Email] for Caroline Baginski [Profile] for Caroline Baginski
BahenaSandy  -  Secretary 7696
[Email] for Sandy Bahena [Profile] for Sandy Bahena
BajtAlicia  -  Teacher 2140
[Email] for Alicia Bajt [Profile] for Alicia Bajt
BarajasMayra  -  Teacher 6072
[Email] for Mayra Barajas [Profile] for Mayra Barajas
BarakatSahar  -  Teacher 1001
[Email] for Sahar Barakat [Profile] for Sahar Barakat
BarbozaLisa  -  Social Worker
[Email] for Lisa Barboza [Profile] for Lisa Barboza
BearAngeles  -  Board Member
[Email] for Angeles Bear [Profile] for Angeles Bear
BehnckeLisa  -  Teacher 6021
[Email] for Lisa Behncke [Profile] for Lisa Behncke
BensemaPamela  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Pamela Bensema [Profile] for Pamela Bensema
BermudezJose  -  Custodian
[Email] for Jose Bermudez [Profile] for Jose Bermudez
BersellNicole  -  Teacher
[Email] for Nicole Bersell [Profile] for Nicole Bersell
BounatsosNikoleta  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Nikoleta Bounatsos [Profile] for Nikoleta Bounatsos
BoyceAshrielle  -  Bus Aide
[Email] for Ashrielle Boyce [Profile] for Ashrielle Boyce
BoyceZennie  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Zennie Boyce [Profile] for Zennie Boyce
BrakleyMonika  -  Social Worker
[Email] for Monika Brakley [Profile] for Monika Brakley
BuoscioLaura  -  Substitute
[Email] for Laura Buoscio [Profile] for Laura Buoscio
CarberryBetty  -  Speech Language Pathologist
[Email] for Betty Carberry [Profile] for Betty Carberry
CarrollHannah  -  Social Worker 7705
[Email] for Hannah Carroll [Profile] for Hannah Carroll
CarterSylvia  -  Custodian
[Email] for Sylvia Carter [Profile] for Sylvia Carter
CaseKimberly  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Kimberly Case [Profile] for Kimberly Case
ChudzinskiDana  -  Board Member
[Email] for Dana Chudzinski [Profile] for Dana Chudzinski
CiufiaJudy  -  Teacher 6066
[Email] for Judy Ciufia [Profile] for Judy Ciufia
CollazoLinda  -  Substitute
[Email] for Linda Collazo [Profile] for Linda Collazo
CondonJoseph  -  Maintenance
[Email] for Joseph Condon [Profile] for Joseph Condon
ConsortiJoan  -  Substitute
[Email] for Joan Consorti [Profile] for Joan Consorti
CostelloThomas  -  Custodial Supervisor
[Email] for Thomas Costello [Profile] for Thomas Costello
CoyleDeborah  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Deborah Coyle [Profile] for Deborah Coyle
CraneBrian  -  Maintenance
[Email] for Brian Crane [Profile] for Brian Crane
CrottyLauren  -  Teacher 6051
[Email] for Lauren Crotty [Profile] for Lauren Crotty
CryanJoyce  -  Payroll 7688
[Email] for Joyce Cryan [Profile] for Joyce Cryan
CuelaMichael  -  Substitute
[Email] for Michael Cuela [Profile] for Michael Cuela
CurrieMary  -  Teacher
[Email] for Mary Currie [Profile] for Mary Currie
DeBaucheChris  -  Maintenance/Evening Supervisor
[Email] for Chris DeBauche [Profile] for Chris DeBauche
DeboerSheryl  -  Speech Language Pathologist
[Email] for Sheryl Deboer [Profile] for Sheryl Deboer
DensonMary  -  Parent Liaison 7787
[Email] for Mary Denson [Profile] for Mary Denson
DericksonTyler  -  Information Security Specialist 5555
[Email] for Tyler Derickson [Profile] for Tyler Derickson
DeyoungTravis  -  Reading Coach 1021
[Email] for Travis Deyoung [Profile] for Travis Deyoung
DietrichMary  -  Substitute
[Email] for Mary Dietrich [Profile] for Mary Dietrich
DilgerDiana  -  Substitute
[Email] for Diana Dilger [Profile] for Diana Dilger
DilleyMaria  -  Custodian
[Email] for Maria Dilley [Profile] for Maria Dilley
DizonnoBradley  -  APMS Assistant Principal 7702
[Email] for Bradley Dizonno [Profile] for Bradley Dizonno
DominguezJessica  -  Teacher 1031
[Email] for Jessica Dominguez [Profile] for Jessica Dominguez
DrogoszNorene  -  Nurse 7704
[Email] for Norene Drogosz [Profile] for Norene Drogosz
EmgeJoshua  -  Teacher 1039
[Email] for Joshua Emge [Profile] for Joshua Emge
EsparzaEsteban  -  Custodian
[Email] for Esteban Esparza [Profile] for Esteban Esparza
EsparzaSherry  -  Executive Assistant 7689
[Email] for Sherry Esparza [Profile] for Sherry Esparza
EspinosaRebecca  -  Bus Aide
[Email] for Rebecca Espinosa [Profile] for Rebecca Espinosa
EvansDavid  -  APMS Principal 7701
[Email] for David Evans [Profile] for David Evans
EvansVicki  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Vicki Evans [Profile] for Vicki Evans
FarrisAllyson  -  Teacher 1019
[Email] for Allyson Farris [Profile] for Allyson Farris
FelixCarol  -  Kids Club / Backup Registrar
[Email] for Carol Felix [Profile] for Carol Felix
FitzgeraldKimberly  -  Substitute
[Email] for Kimberly Fitzgerald [Profile] for Kimberly Fitzgerald
FlynnTom  -  MGS Principal 7742
[Email] for Tom Flynn [Profile] for Tom Flynn
FourteLeonard  -  Substitute
[Email] for Leonard Fourte [Profile] for Leonard Fourte
FoxHeather  -  Teacher 1033
[Email] for Heather Fox [Profile] for Heather Fox
FransenKristine  -  Transportation Coordinator 7777
[Email] for Kristine Fransen [Profile] for Kristine Fransen
GalvanBrianna  -  Bus Aide
[Email] for Brianna Galvan [Profile] for Brianna Galvan
GarayIsabel  -  Teacher
[Email] for Isabel Garay [Profile] for Isabel Garay
GarofaloMaria  -  Teacher 2114
[Email] for Maria Garofalo [Profile] for Maria Garofalo
GawleCharles  -  Teacher
[Email] for Charles Gawle [Profile] for Charles Gawle
GerhardtKimberly  -  Substitute
[Email] for Kimberly Gerhardt [Profile] for Kimberly Gerhardt
GervaisPatricia  -  Teacher 6057
[Email] for Patricia Gervais [Profile] for Patricia Gervais
GibsonAnita  -  Nurse
[Email] for Anita Gibson [Profile] for Anita Gibson
GivensAudrey  -  Substitute
[Email] for Audrey Givens [Profile] for Audrey Givens
GomezJacqueline  -  Substitute
[Email] for Jacqueline Gomez [Profile] for Jacqueline Gomez
GomezRebecca  -  Secretary 7758
[Email] for Rebecca Gomez [Profile] for Rebecca Gomez
GonzalezDenisse  -  Custodian
[Email] for Denisse Gonzalez [Profile] for Denisse Gonzalez
GrafGina  -  Teacher 2138
[Email] for Gina Graf [Profile] for Gina Graf
GrahamTJ  -  Custodian
[Email] for TJ Graham [Profile] for TJ Graham
HamrinDonn  -  Teacher 3203
[Email] for Donn Hamrin [Profile] for Donn Hamrin
HarkerNicole  -  Teacher 1025
[Email] for Nicole Harker [Profile] for Nicole Harker
HarpClarence  -  Custodian
[Email] for Clarence Harp [Profile] for Clarence Harp
HeitzStephanie  -  Teacher 6023
[Email] for Stephanie Heitz [Profile] for Stephanie Heitz
HendrixLaticha  -  Nurse 7769
[Email] for Laticha Hendrix [Profile] for Laticha Hendrix
HennellyDonald  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Donald Hennelly [Profile] for Donald Hennelly
HernandezRikki  -  Substitute
[Email] for Rikki Hernandez [Profile] for Rikki Hernandez
HesseMarge  -  District Registrar 7682
[Email] for Marge Hesse [Profile] for Marge Hesse
HesslingAmanda  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Amanda Hessling [Profile] for Amanda Hessling
HillMary  -  Custodian
[Email] for Mary Hill [Profile] for Mary Hill
HlavacekAnn  -  Teacher 6035
[Email] for Ann Hlavacek [Profile] for Ann Hlavacek
HoganCamille  -  Director of Teaching and Learning 7715
[Email] for Camille Hogan [Profile] for Camille Hogan
HolewaClaire  -  Teacher
[Email] for Claire Holewa [Profile] for Claire Holewa
HowardGeri  -  Speech Language Pathologist 7783
[Email] for Geri Howard [Profile] for Geri Howard
HughesBarb  -  Special Education Secretary 7684
[Email] for Barb Hughes [Profile] for Barb Hughes
IbrahimAwatef  -  Substitute
[Email] for Awatef Ibrahim [Profile] for Awatef Ibrahim
IngMaryann  -  Board Member
[Email] for Maryann Ing [Profile] for Maryann Ing
JacksonRhonda  -  Custodian
[Email] for Rhonda Jackson [Profile] for Rhonda Jackson
JamesonTroy  -  Teacher
[Email] for Troy Jameson [Profile] for Troy Jameson
JankoskySamantha  -  Student Teacher
[Email] for Samantha Jankosky [Profile] for Samantha Jankosky
JarzabekSimon  -  Network Systems Administrator 5555
[Email] for Simon Jarzabek [Profile] for Simon Jarzabek
JelleyDiane  -  Teacher 1016
[Email] for Diane Jelley [Profile] for Diane Jelley
JohnsonAlicia  -  Teacher 2127
[Email] for Alicia Johnson [Profile] for Alicia Johnson
JudgeKristen  -  Teacher 6050
[Email] for Kristen Judge [Profile] for Kristen Judge
KachlikPam  -  Teacher 6073
[Email] for Pam Kachlik [Profile] for Pam Kachlik
KalmanLuke  -  Teacher 2134
[Email] for Luke Kalman [Profile] for Luke Kalman
KaringadaAshwin  -  Counselor
[Email] for Ashwin Karingada [Profile] for Ashwin Karingada
KennedyLolita  -  Bus Aide
[Email] for Lolita Kennedy [Profile] for Lolita Kennedy
KirklandCasey  -  Teacher
[Email] for Casey Kirkland [Profile] for Casey Kirkland
KlimczakPatsy  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Patsy Klimczak [Profile] for Patsy Klimczak
KoditekLori  -  Human Resource Specialist 7755
[Email] for Lori Koditek [Profile] for Lori Koditek
KoppingMarisa  -  Teacher
[Email] for Marisa Kopping [Profile] for Marisa Kopping
KorbelKylie  -  Teacher 1027
[Email] for Kylie Korbel [Profile] for Kylie Korbel
KoschnitzkiMichelle  -  Teacher 1037
[Email] for Michelle Koschnitzki [Profile] for Michelle Koschnitzki
KozickiAnn  -  Teacher 2227
[Email] for Ann Kozicki [Profile] for Ann Kozicki
KramerKimberly  -  Custodian
[Email] for Kimberly Kramer [Profile] for Kimberly Kramer
KremlChristina  -  Teacher 2124
[Email] for Christina Kreml [Profile] for Christina Kreml
KunzKristin  -  Districtwide Technology Coach 7737
[Email] for Kristin Kunz [Profile] for Kristin Kunz
KuzelPatricia  -  Teacher 2245
[Email] for Patricia Kuzel [Profile] for Patricia Kuzel
LaMontagneBeatriz  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Beatriz LaMontagne [Profile] for Beatriz LaMontagne
LangsTracey  -  Teacher
[Email] for Tracey Langs [Profile] for Tracey Langs
LavenderMeghan  -  Teacher
[Email] for Meghan Lavender [Profile] for Meghan Lavender
LaxtonTina  -  Custodian
[Email] for Tina Laxton [Profile] for Tina Laxton
LippnerAnna  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Anna Lippner [Profile] for Anna Lippner
LopezAnne  -  Teacher
[Email] for Anne Lopez [Profile] for Anne Lopez
LoulousisJanet  -  Secretary
[Email] for Janet Loulousis [Profile] for Janet Loulousis
LoveSarah  -  Custodian
[Email] for Sarah Love [Profile] for Sarah Love
LubyMichelle  -  Teacher 6084
[Email] for Michelle Luby [Profile] for Michelle Luby
LutzkaGail  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Gail Lutzka [Profile] for Gail Lutzka
LuxWendy  -  Board Member
[Email] for Wendy Lux [Profile] for Wendy Lux
MaagKelly  -  Substitute
[Email] for Kelly Maag [Profile] for Kelly Maag
MabryRobert  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Robert Mabry [Profile] for Robert Mabry
MachaVictoria  -  Teacher 2116
[Email] for Victoria Macha [Profile] for Victoria Macha
MalhotraSujata  -  Substitute
[Email] for Sujata Malhotra [Profile] for Sujata Malhotra
MarandaJaime  -  Teacher 2128
[Email] for Jaime Maranda [Profile] for Jaime Maranda
MarateaDave  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Dave Maratea [Profile] for Dave Maratea
MartinChtuara  -  Substitute
[Email] for Chtuara Martin [Profile] for Chtuara Martin
MartinJoy  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Joy Martin [Profile] for Joy Martin
MartinezLeo  -  Field Support Technician 5555
[Email] for Leo Martinez [Profile] for Leo Martinez
McdonoughKelly  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Kelly Mcdonough [Profile] for Kelly Mcdonough
McDonoughLeslie  -  Teacher 1018
[Email] for Leslie McDonough [Profile] for Leslie McDonough
McMahonCasey  -  Teacher 1005
[Email] for Casey McMahon [Profile] for Casey McMahon
MeadowsLynn  -  Teacher
[Email] for Lynn Meadows [Profile] for Lynn Meadows
MeentsFrederick  -  Technology Intern 5555
[Email] for Frederick Meents [Profile] for Frederick Meents
MendezLynda  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Lynda Mendez [Profile] for Lynda Mendez
MendezMelissa  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Melissa Mendez [Profile] for Melissa Mendez
MichaelChristine  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Christine Michael [Profile] for Christine Michael
MikolajewskiEmily  -  Teacher
[Email] for Emily Mikolajewski [Profile] for Emily Mikolajewski
MillerBrad  -  Custodian
[Email] for Brad Miller [Profile] for Brad Miller
MillerTrista  -  Secretary 7731
[Email] for Trista Miller [Profile] for Trista Miller
MitchellPaul  -  Teacher 1017
[Email] for Paul Mitchell [Profile] for Paul Mitchell
MizyedFeda  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Feda Mizyed [Profile] for Feda Mizyed
MohammedSophia  -  Student Teacher
[Email] for Sophia Mohammed [Profile] for Sophia Mohammed
MoraBetsy  -  Custodian
[Email] for Betsy Mora [Profile] for Betsy Mora
MorrisseyKatie  -  Teacher
[Email] for Katie Morrissey [Profile] for Katie Morrissey
MoslanderTina  -  Board Member President
[Email] for Tina Moslander [Profile] for Tina Moslander
MotleyAlthea  -  Substitute
[Email] for Althea Motley [Profile] for Althea Motley
NeelyMalgorzata  -  Teacher 2103
[Email] for Malgorzata Neely [Profile] for Malgorzata Neely
NelsonDennis  -  Teacher
[Email] for Dennis Nelson [Profile] for Dennis Nelson
NovakJonathan  -  Teacher 2205
[Email] for Jonathan Novak [Profile] for Jonathan Novak
O'NeilBecky  -  Teacher 6061
[Email] for Becky O'Neil [Profile] for Becky O'Neil
OchoaLilia  -  Custodian
[Email] for Lilia Ochoa [Profile] for Lilia Ochoa
OchoaOlivia  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Olivia Ochoa [Profile] for Olivia Ochoa
OchoaSam  -  Custodian
[Email] for Sam Ochoa [Profile] for Sam Ochoa
OlsenMarianne  -  Kids Club
[Email] for Marianne Olsen [Profile] for Marianne Olsen
OndrasMichelle  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Michelle Ondras [Profile] for Michelle Ondras
PajakGeraldine  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Geraldine Pajak [Profile] for Geraldine Pajak
PappanastosElena  -  Teacher
[Email] for Elena Pappanastos [Profile] for Elena Pappanastos
ParkerElaine  -  Accounts Payable 7681
[Email] for Elaine Parker [Profile] for Elaine Parker
PersonEllen  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Ellen Person [Profile] for Ellen Person
PierceScot  -  SOS Principal 7730
[Email] for Scot Pierce [Profile] for Scot Pierce
PierothBill  -  Parent Liaison 708-620-3103
[Email] for Bill Pieroth [Profile] for Bill Pieroth
PinskiNatalie  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Natalie Pinski [Profile] for Natalie Pinski
PletzkeDebora  -  Math Coach 7734
[Email] for Debora Pletzke [Profile] for Debora Pletzke
PlutaPatricia  -  Substitute
[Email] for Patricia Pluta [Profile] for Patricia Pluta
PopovichJacqueline  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Jacqueline Popovich [Profile] for Jacqueline Popovich
PranchkeGarrick  -  Teacher
[Email] for Garrick Pranchke [Profile] for Garrick Pranchke
PusateriArcangela  -  Substitute
[Email] for Arcangela Pusateri [Profile] for Arcangela Pusateri
QudsiSandra  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Sandra Qudsi [Profile] for Sandra Qudsi
RadtkeJerri  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Jerri Radtke [Profile] for Jerri Radtke
RagleMelissa  -  Teacher 2112
[Email] for Melissa Ragle [Profile] for Melissa Ragle
RalstonDale  -  Teacher 7738
[Email] for Dale Ralston [Profile] for Dale Ralston
RamosLisa  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Lisa Ramos [Profile] for Lisa Ramos
RanaDave  -  Board Member
[Email] for Dave Rana [Profile] for Dave Rana
RangelErnestina  -  Teacher 7757
[Email] for Ernestina Rangel [Profile] for Ernestina Rangel
Restrepo-AvilaSylvia  -  KHS Principal 7766
[Email] for Sylvia Restrepo-Avila [Profile] for Sylvia Restrepo-Avila
ReyesJennifer  -  Teacher
[Email] for Jennifer Reyes [Profile] for Jennifer Reyes
RiordanAmanda  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Amanda Riordan [Profile] for Amanda Riordan
RiveraIsaac  -  Custodian
[Email] for Isaac Rivera [Profile] for Isaac Rivera
RobersonEric  -  Teacher
[Email] for Eric Roberson [Profile] for Eric Roberson
RobertsSuzanne  -  Teacher 2122
[Email] for Suzanne Roberts [Profile] for Suzanne Roberts
RodriguezJulian  -  Maintenance Mechanic 7773
[Email] for Julian Rodriguez [Profile] for Julian Rodriguez
RofaelGeorgette  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Georgette Rofael [Profile] for Georgette Rofael
RohanAmy  -  Teacher
[Email] for Amy Rohan [Profile] for Amy Rohan
RubensteinAmanda  -  Teacher 6060
[Email] for Amanda Rubenstein [Profile] for Amanda Rubenstein
RubinoCourtney  -  Teacher 2117
[Email] for Courtney Rubino [Profile] for Courtney Rubino
RuhlPhyllis  -  Custodian
[Email] for Phyllis Ruhl [Profile] for Phyllis Ruhl
RyanEmily  -  Teacher
[Email] for Emily Ryan [Profile] for Emily Ryan
RyanJames  -  Teacher 1006
[Email] for James Ryan [Profile] for James Ryan
SalaAndrea  -  Superintendent of Schools 7680
[Email] for Andrea Sala [Profile] for Andrea Sala
SalaPatricia  -  Safety & Security Specialist
[Email] for Patricia Sala [Profile] for Patricia Sala
Santos-LopezEliza  -  Assistant Superintendent of Student Services 7692
[Email] for Eliza Santos-Lopez [Profile] for Eliza Santos-Lopez
ScarpettaEvan  -  Custodian
[Email] for Evan Scarpetta [Profile] for Evan Scarpetta
SchaeferKristen  -  Social Worker
[Email] for Kristen Schaefer [Profile] for Kristen Schaefer
SchultzKevin  -  Student Teacher
[Email] for Kevin Schultz [Profile] for Kevin Schultz
ScottHanna  -  Teacher 1036
[Email] for Hanna Scott [Profile] for Hanna Scott
ScottRachel  -  Districtwide Psychologist 7683
[Email] for Rachel Scott [Profile] for Rachel Scott
SeibertLinda  -  Teacher 6071
[Email] for Linda Seibert [Profile] for Linda Seibert
SellbergMegan  -  Teacher 6046
[Email] for Megan Sellberg [Profile] for Megan Sellberg
ShabanSireen  -  Substitute
[Email] for Sireen Shaban [Profile] for Sireen Shaban
ShieldsAmanda  -  Teacher
[Email] for Amanda Shields [Profile] for Amanda Shields
SieversDeborah  -  Substitute
[Email] for Deborah Sievers [Profile] for Deborah Sievers
SimonLisa  -  Teacher 6041
[Email] for Lisa Simon [Profile] for Lisa Simon
SkopecEmily  -  Teacher 2126
[Email] for Emily Skopec [Profile] for Emily Skopec
SlagerAllen  -  Coordinator of Custodial & Maintenance Services 7786
[Email] for Allen Slager [Profile] for Allen Slager
SlagerBritta  -  Teacher 1003
[Email] for Britta Slager [Profile] for Britta Slager
SliszKimberly  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Kimberly Slisz [Profile] for Kimberly Slisz
SmithAlexandra  -  Substitute
[Email] for Alexandra Smith [Profile] for Alexandra Smith
SmithDarcia  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Darcia Smith [Profile] for Darcia Smith
SmithJacqueline  -  Teacher 2105
[Email] for Jacqueline Smith [Profile] for Jacqueline Smith
SmithJuanita  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Juanita Smith [Profile] for Juanita Smith
SneddonMichelle  -  Teacher
[Email] for Michelle Sneddon [Profile] for Michelle Sneddon
StasiakLynn  -  Teacher 1026
[Email] for Lynn Stasiak [Profile] for Lynn Stasiak
StaszakCarmela  -  Secretary 7694
[Email] for Carmela Staszak [Profile] for Carmela Staszak
StaszewskiJoseph  -  Data Systems Manager 5555
[Email] for Joseph Staszewski [Profile] for Joseph Staszewski
StiltsPatricia  -  Math Coach 6029
[Email] for Patricia Stilts [Profile] for Patricia Stilts
StopkaJanice  -  Teacher 2132
[Email] for Janice Stopka [Profile] for Janice Stopka
StruebingBeth  -  Teacher 3202
[Email] for Beth Struebing [Profile] for Beth Struebing
SuarezJared  -  Endpoint Device Specialist 5555
[Email] for Jared Suarez [Profile] for Jared Suarez
SzemetulskisKenneth  -  Custodian
[Email] for Kenneth Szemetulskis [Profile] for Kenneth Szemetulskis
TarabaStephanie  -  Teacher 2115
[Email] for Stephanie Taraba [Profile] for Stephanie Taraba
TateBilly  -  Custodian/Supervisor-APMS
[Email] for Billy Tate [Profile] for Billy Tate
TermundeDavid  -  Chief Technology Officer 7790
[Email] for David Termunde [Profile] for David Termunde
ThyerGail  -  Substitute
[Email] for Gail Thyer [Profile] for Gail Thyer
ThyerThomas  -  Substitute
[Email] for Thomas Thyer [Profile] for Thomas Thyer
TimmKristen  -  Teacher 7739
[Email] for Kristen Timm [Profile] for Kristen Timm
TorresCorinne  -  Teacher 1004
[Email] for Corinne Torres [Profile] for Corinne Torres
TroikeDeanna  -  Teacher 6037
[Email] for Deanna Troike [Profile] for Deanna Troike
TsengKatie  -  Math Coach
[Email] for Katie Tseng [Profile] for Katie Tseng
TunneyJoanne  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Joanne Tunney [Profile] for Joanne Tunney
VazquezJeymi  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Jeymi Vazquez [Profile] for Jeymi Vazquez
VirgenAlma  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Alma Virgen [Profile] for Alma Virgen
VirgenMaria  -  Custodian
[Email] for Maria Virgen [Profile] for Maria Virgen
WalshElizabeth  -  Reading Specialist 1022
[Email] for Elizabeth Walsh [Profile] for Elizabeth Walsh
WalshMarisa  -  Teacher
[Email] for Marisa Walsh [Profile] for Marisa Walsh
WalshTreacy  -  Teacher 6059
[Email] for Treacy Walsh [Profile] for Treacy Walsh
WalterCatherine  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Catherine Walter [Profile] for Catherine Walter
WaltersJake  -  Custodian
[Email] for Jake Walters [Profile] for Jake Walters
WaltherLaura  -  Teacher 6069
[Email] for Laura Walther [Profile] for Laura Walther
WeathersbyTunesia  -  Bus Aide
[Email] for Tunesia Weathersby [Profile] for Tunesia Weathersby
WernerMark  -  Board Member
[Email] for Mark Werner [Profile] for Mark Werner
WestLor Ann  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Lor Ann West [Profile] for Lor Ann West
WilderCeleste  -  Custodian
[Email] for Celeste Wilder [Profile] for Celeste Wilder
WilkJane  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Jane Wilk [Profile] for Jane Wilk
YoungCharlotte  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Charlotte Young [Profile] for Charlotte Young
YuktonisMary  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Mary Yuktonis [Profile] for Mary Yuktonis
ZamudioStephanie  -  Teacher 1038
[Email] for Stephanie Zamudio [Profile] for Stephanie Zamudio
ZatorMatthew  -  Custodian
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ZbonskiPatricia  -  Media Center Specialist
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ZieglerAndrew  -  Assistant Superintendent of Finance - CSBO
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ZieglerTina  -  Teacher 2139
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ZielinskiLorraine  -  Paraprofessional
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ZiembaAngela  -  Teacher 6005
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