Screening Info

Last Updated: 7/7/2021 4:42 PM

Dear Preschool Age Families,

Due to COVID-19, we are currently delayed with our preschool
screenings. We will be in contact with families who were on the list
for our March, April, and May screenings in the next few weeks.
Thank you for your patience while we navigate the next phase in
our process.

If your child was screened last school year and placed on a wait list,
we are currently reviewing your child’s screening file. At present
time, we will be contacting families who had children that scored in
the higher range of points and are at highest need of programming.
Not all children will be contacted and placed in our program.

Our preschool program is implementing a remote model due to the
current Covid-19 virus.

We appreciate your continued patience!

Kind Regards,
The KHS Screening Team


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Screening Child
Information Form

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Screening Permission Form

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Social Emotional - Self Help - Overall Development

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