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Important Updates


Please read our new PandaNews September 2020 Newsletter!  Read Here

Parents! The Pandas are seeking feedback. Please take the Remote Learning survey located here:


Star360 Ready

Star360 verified their systems are ready to go today.


Star360 Tests Not Loading

Star360 is expereicing technical issues. Some students may expereince issues loading their tests. Star360 is hosted in the cloud. Panda has contact Star360 and we are working closely with them to resolve the issues. There is no need to contact Panda as we are aware.


ClassLink is now functional for students. If a student cannot log in please contact PandaHelp.


Pandas are still working hard to get ClassLink and it's apps up and running! Due to the extensive amount of remote learning, vendors are backed up on requests. We are very close to having this up for our teachers and students. We will continue to share information.