Welcome to PandaHelp! Arbor Park's 21st Century Information Technology Department

Our PandaVision:

To provide the tools, resources, and professional development to teachers on all platforms to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Our goal is to have students graduate from Arbor Park School District and be fluent in all technology platforms. During their time here, they will have gained experience on Chromebooks, iPads, Apple OS, and Microsoft platforms making them well-rounded for any future endeavors which includes high school, college, and employment. Our teachers, staff, and students will benefit from a 21st century learning environment!

Our PandaTech Team is made up of true information technology professionals! We're designing a robust infrastructure to support the needs of our students and teachers. We put students and teachers first!

What's happening in PandaLand?

Preparing Teachers for their new Devices

The SurfacePro will eventually allow teachers to wirelessly display to their projectors!

Preparing 1:1 of SurfaceGos!

Unboxing, unboxing, unboxing...

Visiting Microsoft

PandaDave and PandaSimon visiting Microsoft in Chicago learning about Office 365 Data Compliance and Security

IAR Testing Complete

4th and 5th Grade Completed their IAR on their new SurfaceGo Devices!

More Speed!

This summer, our Internet and WAN speeds will increase by 8x to provide the fast speeds our teachers and students are looking for!

Planning projector replacements

The Pandas are utilizing our life cycle management program to determine what classroom technologies need to be replaced.

Investing in WiFi

Utilizing erate funding, we're in the process of upgrading and adding more WiFi to all 4 buildings.

Upgrading Cabling Infrastructure at KHS/MGS/SOS

Our old cabling can't support today's technology needs. We're in the process of upgrading cabling in 3 buildings.