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AkourisSamantha  -  Teacher
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AndrewsSusan  -  Teacher
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BahenaSandy  -  Secretary 7696
[Email] for Sandy Bahena [Profile] for Sandy Bahena
BajtAlicia  -  Teacher 2140
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BalassoneLisa  -  Custodian
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BarakatSahar  -  Teacher 1001
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BermudezJose  -  Custodian
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BrakleyMonika  -  Social Worker
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CarrollHannah  -  Social Worker 7705
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CaseKimberly  -  Paraprofessional
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DeboerSheryl  -  Speech Language Pathologist
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DensonMary  -  Parent Liaison 7787
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DeyoungTravis  -  Reading Coach 1021
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DizonnoBradley  -  APMS Assistant Principal 7702
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DominguezJessica  -  Teacher 1031
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DrogoszNorene  -  Nurse 7704
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EmgeJoshua  -  Teacher 1039
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EvansDavid  -  APMS Principal 7701
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FarrisAllyson  -  Teacher 1019
[Email] for Allyson Farris [Profile] for Allyson Farris
FoxHeather  -  Teacher 1033
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GawleCharles  -  Teacher
[Email] for Charles Gawle [Profile] for Charles Gawle
GlassChristopher  -  Custodian
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GrafGina  -  Teacher 2138
[Email] for Gina Graf [Profile] for Gina Graf
HamrinDonn  -  Teacher 3203
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HarkerNicole  -  Teacher 1025
[Email] for Nicole Harker [Profile] for Nicole Harker
HugginsJason  -  Teacher 1024
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JelleyDiane  -  Teacher 1016
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JonesSamuel  -  Paraprofessional
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KalmanLuke  -  Teacher 2134
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KaringadaAshwin  -  Counselor
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KerrKelly  -  Teacher 1014
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KorbelKylie  -  Teacher 1027
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KoschnitzkiMichelle  -  Teacher 1037
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KozickiAnn  -  Teacher 2227
[Email] for Ann Kozicki [Profile] for Ann Kozicki
KremlChristina  -  Teacher 2124
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LambrosKalli  -  Teacher
[Email] for Kalli Lambros [Profile] for Kalli Lambros
MarandaJaime  -  Teacher 2128
[Email] for Jaime Maranda [Profile] for Jaime Maranda
MarateaDave  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Dave Maratea [Profile] for Dave Maratea
McDonoughLeslie  -  Teacher 1018
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McMahonCasey  -  Teacher 1005
[Email] for Casey McMahon [Profile] for Casey McMahon
MeadowsLynn  -  Teacher
[Email] for Lynn Meadows [Profile] for Lynn Meadows
MitchellPaul  -  Teacher 1017
[Email] for Paul Mitchell [Profile] for Paul Mitchell
MoraBetsy  -  Custodian
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NelsonDennis  -  Teacher
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NovakJonathan  -  Teacher 2205
[Email] for Jonathan Novak [Profile] for Jonathan Novak
OchoaOlivia  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Olivia Ochoa [Profile] for Olivia Ochoa
OdehAnthony  -  Teacher 1002
[Email] for Anthony Odeh [Profile] for Anthony Odeh
PersonEllen  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Ellen Person [Profile] for Ellen Person
PetitAmanda  -  Teacher 2202
[Email] for Amanda Petit [Profile] for Amanda Petit
PierothBill  -  Parent Liaison 708-620-3103
[Email] for Bill Pieroth [Profile] for Bill Pieroth
PranchkeGarrick  -  Teacher
[Email] for Garrick Pranchke [Profile] for Garrick Pranchke
RiveraMariah  -  Teacher 2137
[Email] for Mariah Rivera [Profile] for Mariah Rivera
RuhlPhyllis  -  Custodian
[Email] for Phyllis Ruhl [Profile] for Phyllis Ruhl
RyanJames  -  Teacher 1006
[Email] for James Ryan [Profile] for James Ryan
ScottHanna  -  Teacher 1036
[Email] for Hanna Scott [Profile] for Hanna Scott
ScottRachel  -  Districtwide Psychologist 7683
[Email] for Rachel Scott [Profile] for Rachel Scott
SlagerBritta  -  Teacher 1003
[Email] for Britta Slager [Profile] for Britta Slager
StasiakLynn  -  Teacher 1026
[Email] for Lynn Stasiak [Profile] for Lynn Stasiak
StaszakCarmela  -  Secretary 7694
[Email] for Carmela Staszak [Profile] for Carmela Staszak
StiltsPatricia  -  Math Coach 6029
[Email] for Patricia Stilts [Profile] for Patricia Stilts
StopkaJanice  -  Teacher 2132
[Email] for Janice Stopka [Profile] for Janice Stopka
StruebingBeth  -  Teacher 3202
[Email] for Beth Struebing [Profile] for Beth Struebing
TateBilly  -  Custodian/Supervisor-APMS
[Email] for Billy Tate [Profile] for Billy Tate
TorresCorinne  -  Teacher 1004
[Email] for Corinne Torres [Profile] for Corinne Torres
TsengKatie  -  Math Coach
[Email] for Katie Tseng [Profile] for Katie Tseng
TunneyJoanne  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Joanne Tunney [Profile] for Joanne Tunney
ValloneTrina  -  Teacher
[Email] for Trina Vallone [Profile] for Trina Vallone
VirgenMaria  -  Custodian
[Email] for Maria Virgen [Profile] for Maria Virgen
WalshElizabeth  -  Reading Specialist 1022
[Email] for Elizabeth Walsh [Profile] for Elizabeth Walsh
WeilDavid  -  Teacher 1023
[Email] for David Weil [Profile] for David Weil
YuktonisMary  -  Paraprofessional
[Email] for Mary Yuktonis [Profile] for Mary Yuktonis
ZamudioStephanie  -  Teacher 1038
[Email] for Stephanie Zamudio [Profile] for Stephanie Zamudio
ZbonskiPatricia  -  Media Center Specialist
[Email] for Patricia Zbonski [Profile] for Patricia Zbonski
ZieglerTina  -  Teacher 2139
[Email] for Tina Ziegler [Profile] for Tina Ziegler
ZiembaAngela  -  Teacher 6005
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