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AdasSandra  -  Custodian
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AltShari  -  Teacher
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AltobelliSarah  -  Social Worker
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BarajasMayra  -  Teacher 6072
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BounatsosNikoleta  -  Paraprofessional
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CampnellAmanda  -  Teacher 6060
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CiufiaJudy  -  Teacher 6066
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ForrestSandy  -  Paraprofessional
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GarayIsabel  -  Teacher- 3rd Grade
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HeitzStephanie  -  Teacher
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HillMary  -  Custodian
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HolewaClaire  -  Teacher SPED- 4th Grade
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HowardGeri  -  Speech Language Pathologist 7783
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KachlikPam  -  Teacher 6073
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KremlChristina  -  Teacher 6063
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KunzKristin  -  Teacher 7737
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KuzelCaroline  -  Paraprofessional
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KuzelPatricia  -  Teacher 6075
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LaMontagneBeatriz  -  Paraprofessional
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McDonoughLeslie  -  Teacher 6070
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McKinneyRose  -  Paraprofessional
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MiglieriJuliet  -  Teacher-SpecialEd
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MillerTrista  -  Secretary 7731
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MizyedFeda  -  Paraprofessional
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O'NeilBecky  -  Teacher 6061
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OchoaLilia  -  Paraprofessional
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PierceScot  -  Principal 7730
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PinskiNatalie  -  Paraprofessional
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PletzkeDebora  -  Math Coach
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RalstonDale  -  Teacher - PE 6009
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ReidRyan  -  Social Worker
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SeibertLinda  -  Teacher 6071
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SellbergMegan  -  Teacher- Music
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SmolinskiKaren  -  Paraprofessional
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StopkaJanice  -  Teacher 6065
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TimmKristen  -  Teacher 6067
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WaltherLaura  -  Teacher 6069
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