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AlbaJocelyne  -  Paraprofessional
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BaetzelBeth  -  Student Teacher
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DilleyMaria  -  Custodian
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FelixCarol  -  Kids Club / Backup Registrar
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GervaisPatricia  -  Teacher 6057
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GomezRebecca  -  Secretary 7758
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HeinkingSara  -  Speech Pathologist
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HendrixLaticha  -  Nurse 7769
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HesslingAmanda  -  Paraprofessional
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HlavacekAnn  -  Teacher 6035
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HowardGeri  -  Speech Language Pathologist 7783
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JudgeKristen  -  Teacher 6050
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KozickiAnn  -  Teacher 2227
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KramerKimberly  -  Custodian
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KunzKristin  -  Districtwide Technology Coach 7737
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LavenderMeghan  -  Teacher
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LubyMichelle  -  Teacher 6084
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MorrisseyKatie  -  Teacher
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OlsenMarianne  -  Kids Club
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PajakGeraldine  -  Paraprofessional
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RangelErnestina  -  Teacher 7757
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Restrepo-AvilaSylvia  -  KHS Principal 7766
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ReyesJennifer  -  Teacher
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RiordanAmanda  -  Paraprofessional
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RofaelGeorgette  -  Paraprofessional
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RohanAmy  -  Teacher
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Santos-LopezEliza  -  Assistant Superintendent of Student Services 7692
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SchaeferKristen  -  Social Worker
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ScottRachel  -  Districtwide Psychologist 7683
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SimonLisa  -  Teacher 6041
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SliszKimberly  -  Paraprofessional
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SneddonMichelle  -  Teacher
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TroikeDeanna  -  Teacher 6037
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VazquezJeymi  -  Paraprofessional
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WilderCeleste  -  Custodian
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ZielinskiLorraine  -  Paraprofessional
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