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Remote Learning Protocols Document:

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Post-Break Learning Plans Beginning April 15th

School plans and information are located under the school mascot below:

ALL SCHOOLS: Learning Protocols Beginning 4/15/2021 with Quarantine (PDF)

APSD 145 - Shift in Instructional Model Survey

Dear Arbor Park Parents and Families,

I am very proud of our educational community for being so resilient and flexible during the trying times of this pandemic. I appreciate all the positive support and patience that people have communicated. Our students, staff, and families have shown great resilience since the start, quickly adopting measures that were put in place to help protect everyone’s health and safety. A long year into this challenge, I am happy to say that due to consistently low community spread of Covid19 and the availability of vaccines for teachers and staff, we are pleased to finally be able to make modifications to our instructional model.

Our goal remains to open schools in the safest way possible for all Arbor Park school district students and staff. We are able to make these changes to our learning model when three factors are met: the highest standard of health practices and protocols at schools must be in place, there must be lower levels of the virus in the communities we serve, and timely and sufficient access to vaccinations must be available for school staff. With health practices and protocols at our schools exceeding the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, COVID-19 levels in our area declining and remaining low, and school staff now being offered the opportunity to receive the vaccine, our goal will be to open all our school campuses to begin direct instruction in late April.

The post spring break adaptive pause period will be from April 7th through April 14th. Remote learning from home will take place during the adaptive pause. Specific school plans are included in this communication. Remote learning at home remains an option for all families. Please complete the survey below by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, March 16th. These changes will take place beginning Thursday, April 15th after we return from the full-remote adaptive pause.

Please remember that these plans can also change again depending upon survey results or an increase in virus spread. Staffing issues, community transmission levels, social distancing requirements, and CDC rules governing them make for limiting factors in school options. Continue to wear masks and social distance so we can remain successful! We can do it! We are beating this together and I’m looking forward to wrapping up the school year with increased opportunities.


Dr. Andrea Sala


APSD 145 - Shift in Instructional Model Survey: Effective April 15th, 2021

Review your school plan:


T3 Parent Survey

Complete one survey for each child that attends a District 145 school.

The 3rd trimester of the 2020-2021 school year begins on March 1st. The purpose of this survey is to have you indicate if you want your student(s) to receive remote instruction on-site (students access their teachers and coursework through their devices while in a classroom with strict social-distancing protocols in place) or if you want your student(s) to receive remote instruction at home (at-home remote learner).

This survey will be open until February 12, 2021 at 4:00pm. Any student for whom we do not receive a survey will be considered an at-home remote learner. Once we calculate the number of students that wish to return to school for remote on-site instruction, we will then determine weekly schedules. The number of students who indicate a desire to be on-site will dictate which of the following two options will be in effect:

  1. On-site remote instruction for all students on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (Wednesdays are asynchronous for all students – no child is on site and teachers are offline – instruction occurs from 8:30am-1:30pm). OR
  2. Half of the on-site remote learners are assigned to the A Cohort and attend classes at school on Monday and Tuesday; they then attend class remotely from home on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (Wednesdays are asynchronous – no child is on site and teachers are offline -- instruction occurs from 8:30am-1:30pm).  Half of the on-site remote learners are assigned to the B Cohort and attend classes at school on Thursday and Friday; they attend class remotely from home on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Wednesdays are asynchronous – no child is on site and teachers are offline -- instruction occurs from 8:30am-1:30pm).  

We will communicate which of the above options is in effect as well as cohort designations on Friday, February 19, 2021.

Post-Holiday At-Home Remote Learning for All Students

Due to families traveling and visiting with extended family over the spring break, all students will quarantine and participate in at-home remote learning Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (Wednesdays are asynchronous and teachers are offline) on the following dates to ensure everyone's safety:

April 7th through April 16th. On-site remote instruction will resume on April 19, 2021.

Beginning March 1st (and during the post-break quarantine), the start and end times for each building are as follows:

KHS: PK = 8:30-10:30am and 11:30-1:30pm; KG = 8:30-1:30pm
MGS: 9:30-3:20pm
SOS: 9-3:00pm
APMS: 8:00-2:20pm

Thank you for being our partners in educating your children during this unprecedented time.



  • All Students Remote Beginning November 12, 2020


As we move closer to bringing a portion of our student body back on Monday, October 26, 2020, we wanted to share several updates with you in advance of next week. Please review this information as soon as you can. Attached you will find:

  1. District Transition Plan – Updated October 2020
  2. Return to In-Person Learning Information Sheet (New)
  3. Student Meal Information Sheet (New)
  4. Transportation Update (New)

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing students back in our schools next week.


Dear Arbor Park Community,

I hope this update finds your family safe and well. District schools will begin face to face instruction on October 26th for students whose families responded "yes" to our in-person learning survey in July. Families who chose remote learning will continue with remote learning until Monday, November 30th.

A new survey will go out the first week of November asking for a placement decision for Trimester II. The next phase of our reopening plan will begin on Monday, November 30th and continue through our second trimester.

Please continue to monitor our web site as our situation can change. We will also continue to use ParentSquare and SendIt for updates.

Detailed building plans and very specific social distancing measures and protocols will come from principals and grade level teams but there are two changes that every parent/guardian should know right away.

First, the school day will now return to each of our school’s regular hours for BOTH on site and at home learners and secondly, Wednesdays will be asynchronous learning days meaning students will log in and learn at their own pace and independently every Wednesday FROM HOME. No students will be on site Wednesdays.

Please remember that we may have to return to Full Remote Instruction at any time. Here is a helpful link to monitor the positivity rate for Oak Forest and Tinley Park that some schools use as a metric for guiding decisions and that you can use when deciding if your child will be in person or at home. The State of Illinois considers an overall positivity rate under 8% to be acceptable. We are currently at an 8.4%.

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As always, we will continue to put the safety of our loved ones first and foremost. Our community, parents, teachers and staff are all doing such a wonderful job.

Dr. Andrea Sala



Due to the new IDPH regulations, all District 145 schools will now be remote for the first trimester. Guidelines can be found here:

All District 145 students will have a uniform start and end time. Student hours begin at 8:30am and end at 1:30pm. Building principals will communicate individual student schedules so that students and parents are aware of times they need to be online to receive instruction.  Moving Out and Stocking Up Days are still being held. Please visit the COVID19 Center of our website to see the specific dates and times: Information Technology Panda packets will be emailed out and posted to the website. Students receiving a device for the first time will also receive a hard copy of the packet so that they are prepared.


Arbor Park 145 Moving Out and Stocking Up Days Information: Please read the PDF below to discover your scheduled times for picking up materials and supplies. On-Site learners will be picking up items from last year only. Remote learners will receive their materials and devices to take home for remote learning.

Moving out and stocking up 10-12-20


This is a reminder to do two things for the start of the school year. It's very important that you Register and Take the Returning To Learning Survey! These two things should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Please complete the Returning To Learning Survey AND registration by Wednesday, August 12.

Students with no response in the survey will be automatically enrolled in the remote learning program (at home learning). This status remains until after our Thanksgiving Break.

Any student that is not registered by the 12th will be placed in the remote learning program (at home). This status will also remain until after our Thanksgiving Break. 

Thank you for your attention to these important things and enjoy the rest of your summer break!

Arbor Park School District 145


Good afternoon Arbor Park!

The 1st day of school is now Monday, August 24th. ISBE allows districts to take planning days so teachers can prepare for the unique circumstances of the 2020-21 school year. We will take three planning days on August 19th, 20th, 21st.  

Parents MUST complete the Parent Survey where they indicate their choice of instructional model for the 1st Trimester: On Site instruction or Remote Learning. If you have completed this survey we appreciate it!

Please see the school specific opening plans:


Good morning, Arbor Park 145 Families,

Please read the attached letter concerning our available instructional models for Fall 2020.  After considering it and making your choice, please fill out the linked survey for each of your children.  The survey will help us anticipate our needs for the fall, and will help us to identify the academic, social and emotional needs of each of your children.

Take the Survey!
Building principals will be communicating building specific information next week – please be on the lookout.

Thank you!
Arbor Park 145

As a friendly reminder, student registration is still required for both on-site or remote instruction.


Good afternoon APSD 145 families,

One of our school parents, Mr. Adam Malak is the Pastor at Faith United Presbyterian Church located at 6200 167th St, Tinley Park, IL 60477. In an effort to provide assistance in the ways that he can to our community, his church Faith United Presbyterian Church offers a free Community Meal twice a month on Thursdays from 5:15-5:45. It is a drive-thru style contact less service. Everyone in the car will receive a free Community Meal. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Pastor Adam at (708) 532-8877. 


Please see the two documents including the Return to School Plan and Letter to Parents: 


Parents and guardians: Please take the survey attached in the Links menu.


Please use the Links menu to read the attached letter from Dr. Sala.


All Illinois schools are awaiting direction from the state with regard to determining a plan of action for educating students during the 2020-2021 school year. While we wait, we are developing several contingency plans. Two organizing principles guide our planning: minimizing students' risk of exposure to COVID-19 and providing as much face-to-face teaching as possible, allowing for responsible social distancing practices and feasible transportation protocols. In order to generate viable options and plan effectively for transportation needs and on-site instruction, we need you to answer a few questions. The information this survey generates will assist District 145 administration in crafting the best plan of action for our students and families.

This survey is available under the Links menu on this page.


The Illinois Department of Human Services created a flyer to help families with the application process.

Here are the links:



Did you know families with children who received free or reduced meals at National School Lunch Program participating schools are eligible for Pandemic EBT benefits? Find out more information at    


The deadline to apply is June 30. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Nutrition Department, Illinois State Board of Education
100 N. First St., Springfield, IL 62777


Please use the Links menu to view the end of year device informational packets.


Please read the parent letter attached under the Links menu.


Please read the Superintendent's announcement under the Links menu.


Use the Links menu to read the IPC COVID Press Release and CDC Informational Document.


Preschool screenings that were scheduled for April 24, 2020 at Kimberly Heights School have been postponed due to school closings. We will notify families of the new date once school is back in session.


Dear Arbor Park Families,

Just a short time ago, Governor Pritzker extended his order to keep all Illinois schools closed through April 30th. This means that a return to school and in-person instruction will not occur until May 1st at the earliest. The purpose of this extension is to continue to try and slow down the spread of COVID-19. During this time, remote learning will continue here at Arbor Park. Our teachers and staff are fully engaged and are looking forward to providing your student(s) with a continuity of learning. Thank you for your patience, support and please continue to check the web site for updates. Stay safe and connected.

Stay Healthy and Connected!
Arbor Park School District 145


Good Day Arbor Park Families,

Arbor Park School District 145 will conduct e-learning days Tuesday, March 31st through Tuesday, April 7th. Please review the informational packet located on our e-learning page to learn how to participate in an e-learning day. Up to date information and resources can always be found at

Stay Healthy and Connected!
Arbor Park School District 145


Good Day Arbor Park Families,

Per Governor Pritzker this afternoon, all Illinois schools will be closed through Tuesday, April 7th. This means that all Arbor Park School District 145 students will not return to school until at least Wednesday, April 8th. More information about e-learning opportunities will be shared with you early next week. Please continue to check our web site ( and listen to all of our announcements for the most up to date information. Please note that lunch will still be served on weekdays.

Stay Healthy and Connected!
Arbor Park School District 145


Dear Arbor Park Families,

Beginning Thursday, March 19th, grab-n-go lunches will be available to ALL Arbor Park students (Pre-K through 8th Grade) from Noon till 1:00PM at Arbor Park Middle School (17303 Central Avenue). One lunch is available to each Arbor student per day at NO COST to our families. At this time, lunch is only available to Arbor Park students and will be served on weekdays through March 30th. Lunches will be distributed in front of APMS, so please follow the directions/line when you enter the facility of off Central Avenue. Lunch choices are 1) Sun Butter & Jelly or 2) Yogurt & Cheese stick. All lunches will meet the federal school lunch guidelines and will include a milk.

Thank you and we hope to see you for lunch soon! 
Arbor Park School District 145


Dear Families and Community of Arbor Park School District 145,

During our fight against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), I want to commend our families, staff, students, businesses, and community leaders for uniting about this serious issue. I am so very proud of everyone. We are doing a great job and will prevail.

While our students are at home, they can still be engaged in activities that will build their academic skills. In an effort to keep a continuity of learning, we will be publishing helpful online resources on our website later today. Also remember 3rd – 8th grade students can log in to ClassLink and access many online resources for reading and math practice. Visit to get free internet access and tell others to do so also.

Some important things to note: there will be no grades and/or requirements this week, since these days are classified as an Act of God. We want to help our families and students during an atypical time – activities this week are not part of compulsory education. Later on, our e-learning plan may become compulsory and much more structured so that student progress does not lag, but at this time it is for student independent learning and fun only.

Currently, we will need to make up only 1 day at the end of the school year. Monday, March 16th is an emergency day and will need to be made up. Graduation and activities for the end of the year will not change. We will assess the situation during Spring Break but the current plan is to resume school on Tuesday, March 31st. This day may change and so stay informed by checking our website often.

Please check back for updates. We will also communicate any news via our Alert System. We will continue to provide updates to our students, staff, and community, via phone, email, and our website.

In closing, there is nothing more heartwarming than a community united. We will get through this together by making every next-best decision for the good of all. Stay positive and determined yourself and influence others to do so as well.

Andrea Sala


Good Afternoon,

After careful consideration, District 145 schools will be closing effective at the end of the school day today. All school activities, athletics, and school days will be canceled going forward through March 29th. We will assess the situation during Spring Break but the current plan is to resume school on Monday, March 30th.

Please check back for updates. We will also communicate any news via our Alert System. Please also note that there are currently no documented cases of COVID-19 in District 145. We will continue to provide updates to our students, staff, and community, via phone, email, and our website.

Andrea Sala