Arbor Park School District’s Information Technology Department (PandaTech) is officially announcing our 1:1 (one to one) deployment plan which was approved by the Board of Education on January 23, 2019. The funding for this initiative is being supported by Evidence Based Funding (EBF), allowing us the opportunity to implement 1:1. In preparation for 1:1, we have been implementing a forward-thinking network infrastructure allowing for cutting-edge technologies in the classroom today and our future. Technology changes at a rapid pace and we want to be prepared for what is next!

The goal of our 1:1 initiative, is to allow each student to have their own device allowing them to be more engaged in their learning, have access to the right tools at the right time, and become savvy 21st century students. The entire roll out will be for Grade 4 at Scarlet Oak and Grades 5-8 at Arbor Park Middle School. Grades 4 and 5, will be rolled out near the end of February. The goal of this initial roll out is have students complete their IAR/State testing on their own device, rather than utilizing a computer lab. Grades 6 through 8, will be prepared over summer for August 2019 roll out.

After rigorous research, the selected device is the Microsoft Surface Go tablet. Similar to a PC in an existing lab, these devices will allow students to have the same experience they are used to, but with more speed, power, and 24/7 access to their device. The SurfaceGo is a commercial grade robust device designed for students of all grade levels. Teachers will have a similar device, the SurfacePro, which will allow them to be on the same platform as their students. Throughout the district, iPads and Chromebooks will still be available. Our goal is to have students fluent on all types of devices including an iPad, Chromebook, and Windows device making them well-rounded for high school, college, and employment.

Technology is only effective as a learning tool when teachers have the skills to use when implementing lessons into the classroom.Our main focus is going to continue providing training and professional development for teachers and staff on the new platforms and devices. During the remainder of this school year, we will continue training our staff but will also offer parent and student training for the devices and platforms.

1:1 is a game changer for Arbor Park as a whole allowing us to catch up with other school districts while learning from their experiences. 1:1 will allow us to utilize existing electronic curriculum resources while improving the capability to implement new and robust digital curriculum.

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