Internet Safety Tips

Arbor Park School District’s Information Technology Department (PandaTech) is reminding parents to be vigilant while your kids are online. In these days of YouTubers, influencers, and social media it is important that kids are educated on Internet safety.

We’ve worked hard to ensure a secure and safe network while providing access to the correct learning resources. Our PandaTech team reviews Internet and Network traffic daily to ensure the correct websites are being visited. All Internet traffic is recorded and monitored by PandaTech on a daily basis.

Our firewall protects our data by blocking malware, viruses, and other negative things that impact schools, businesses, and organizations daily. Our firewall also has a strong content filter that protects our students and staff from a variety of website categories as recommended by CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act). CIPA was created by the FCC to create guidelines to schools and libraries for Internet Safety. Arbor Park School District 145 is compliant with CIPA and does accept E-Rate funding which allows us to improve our network infrastructure and Internet speeds throughout our district. Our PandaTechTeam has gone above and beyond CIPA recommendations to make sure our kids are safe while on any device (iPad,Chromebook, Laptop, Computer) in our district.

We recommend you continue to sit down with your children and discuss safe Internet practices. In conclusion, we all must work together to ensure our kids have a safe Internet experience whether at home, school, or public places.

There are a variety of handouts and links available with information and safety tips:

Check out these two links to learn more:
*Hard copies, provided by the FCC, are located in each school’s main office.

To find out moreinformation on the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), please visit: