Highlights & Projects

Cisco Meraki Article:

When David Termunde joined Arbor Park School District as Chief Technology Officer, he encountered a network that lacked complete visibility, something he knew he needed in order to provide the best experience for students. His goal was to deploy a reliable network across the district’s four schools and school bus transportation center to better support 1,300 students and 210 teachers and staff. With only four people on the IT team, Termunde wanted a solution that would be easy for a lean team to manage and troubleshoot, and, because the IT team doesn’t have a full-time security engineer, it had to be something they could install and manage on their own, without expensive training. Read More

Asset Panda Brings New Efficiencies To Illinois School District:

It costs a lot of money to keep a school district running smoothly. With all of the technological tools adopted by school districts throughout the country – both in administrative offices and in classrooms – it’s more important than ever for schools to protect these investments, maximize their lifespan, and reduce loss and theft. Schools need to be able to track what they have and where it is at any given time. Lost or damaged assets cost the average school district early $250,000 a year, including nearly $80,000 in technology alone. Unfortunately, many school districts, who are already busy juggling the needs of their students, find it difficult monitor their assets due to the limitations associated with Excel or other manual record-keeping processes. Read More


Preparing Teachers for their new Devices

The SurfacePro will eventually allow teachers to wirelessly display to their projectors!


Preparing 1:1 of SurfaceGos!

Unboxing, unboxing, unboxing...


Visiting Microsoft

PandaDave and PandaSimon visiting Microsoft in Chicago learning about Office 365 Data Compliance and Security


IAR Testing Complete

4th and 5th Grade Completed their IAR on their new SurfaceGo Devices!


More Speed!

This summer, our Internet and WAN speeds will increase by 8x to provide the fast speeds our teachers and students are looking for!


Planning projector replacements

The Pandas are utilizing our life cycle management program to determine what classroom technologies need to be replaced.


Investing in WiFi

Utilizing erate funding, we're in the process of upgrading and adding more WiFi to all 4 buildings.


Upgrading Cabling Infrastructure at KHS/MGS/SOS

Our old cabling can't support today's technology needs. We're in the process of upgrading cabling in 3 buildings.